Medication Monitoring

"Drugs don't work in patients who don't take them"
- Former Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop

Medical treatment plans either fail or at a minimum are less than efficacious if patients do not take their medications as prescribed. It is fairly common to assume that 50% of patients don't comply with the treatment recommendations of their prescribing physician resulting in significant numbers of acute care and nursing home admissions tied to non-compliance as well as increased number of physician office visits. In fact, in America, the New England Healthcare Institute estimates $290 billion could be avoided in health expenditures from improved medication adherence

iMPak Health has targeted the development of both devices and journals to attack a number of core elements to the medication management process which includes easy sorting and reminding; tracking compliance; as well as tracking the impact of the medication through symptom tracking. While it is important to know if patients are taking their medications, it is becoming even more important to have a better indication of their response to the medication as "performance based" payment initiatives are beginning to push more outcomes measurement. 

Readmissions reduced by 20%

Our findings have shown that patients who enter a program utilizing the Kraken Medication Management system show an approximate 20% drop in their rate of readmissions.
Average readmission rates in the Meridian Health system range from 16-22% readmissions after 30-90 days for patients discharged without a medication management program. In our tested sample, iMPak Health has had a 0% readmission rate. No patients have been readmitted to the hospital while using the Kraken Medication Management System to track their medication compliance.  Patients in the sample had 3 or more medications.

Kraken, iMPak Health’s medication monitoring system was designed from the groud up – from the perspective of people trying to organize and manage their medications discretely in their home. The system not only helps patients organize and keep track of their medications, it allows them to receive reminders to take their medications and creates user friendly reports to share with their doctors and family members.

Key Advantages to Kraken:
- Easy to use
- Portable
- Promotes patient engagement and self management
- Fits into daily routines
- Creates reports for patients, doctors, and family members

To learn more about Kraken or how your organization can participate in early pilot programs, simply contact us.